Daily Life in Post-Pandemic Senegal

Episode 6 – Migration and the pandemic. A Senegalese experience

Post Pandemic Senegal Series

In this 6th short film, Senegalese film-maker Mamadou Ndiaye looks at the relationship between Coronavirus policies and the desperate attempts of young Senegalese to migrate across the Sahara to Europe. Forced impoverishment drove many to leave, only to be faced with Covid restrictions in Morocco. A trigger warning applies to this film, with disturbing and distressing footage and accounts of one who survived the ordeal.

Collateral Global has commissioned 6 short films from the Senegalese journalist and photographer Mamadou Ndiaye. These will look across the range of impacts of the political, economic and social responses to the Covid-19 pandemic in Senegal, a series¬†called ‘Daily Life in Post-Pandemic Senegal’.

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