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Volume 2 - 10 May 2021

It's Time to Put Young People First

Professor Ellen Townsend discusses the impact of loneliness and social isolation on young people's health and well-being

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CG Edition

Editor's Note - Week Two

The Plight of Youth in Two Epidemics...

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Here's what to expect from CG Editions - Week Two!

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Global Perspective: Children at Risk

Millions of children worldwide have been forced into poverty, with devastating effects...

CG Science Unlocked

Research Recap - School Closures & Years Life Lost

An easy-to-digest summary of an academic paper, Part of CG's 'Science Unlocked' series...

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Human Story

Olivia’s Story

An American college student shares her experience with COVID-19 lockdowns, on and off campus. ...

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CG Edition

Editor’s Note – Week One

The work we aim to produce will be as complete a portrait as possible of the effects of lockdown in ...

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Ethics Spot

The Ethics & Language of Lockdown

How the intended solution became the problem....

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