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12 July 2021

The Delta Variant Decoupling in Spain and the Illogic of Vaccine Passports

Data and Analysis by José Gefaell

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7 mins
1 Jun 2021 Journalistic Editorial

Cancer in the Time of COVID-19 in Japan: Collateral Damage

Pandemic-induced panic had alarming effects on cancer diagnosis and treatment in Japan....

CG Productions

Editor-in-Chief, Jay Bhattacharya and Lord Sumption discuss the legal, ethical, and political implications of COVID-19 policy responses

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3 mins
30 Jun 2021 Ethics Spot

The Infectious Diseases We Don't Seem to Care About

Childhood vaccination disruptions illustrate how detached from reality, rationality, & morality resp...

6 mins
30 Jun 2021 Journalistic Editorial

COVID-19 Immunisations and Health Services & Systems – The Way Forward

A Public Health Perspective from Angola...

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3 mins
16 Jul 2021 Data Analysis

Delta Variant vs. Case Fatality Rate in the UK

The takeover of the COVID-19 Delta variant correlates with a continuing decline in the CFR...

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5 mins
12 Jul 2021 Journalistic Editorial

One Year On: The Youth Mental Health Crisis We Saw Coming Has Exploded

We tasked young people with protecting adults at a significant cost to their wellbeing and futures. ...

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3 mins
2 Jul 2021 Article

Interruption of Childhood Vaccinations in Mozambique

Per local doctor, undocumented increases in childhood mortality have resulted....

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