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14 June 2021

Editor's Note - Week Five

On the catastrophic misapplication of the precautionary principle

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5 mins
CG Science Unlocked

CG Mini-Lectures: Variants

Professor Sunetra Gupta explains the significance of COVID-19 variants...

2 mins

CG Newsletter

With guest editor, Jonathan Ketcham PhD, we explore direct and indirect effects of pandemic restrictions on different sectors of the economy using various quantitative and qualitative methods

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3 mins
Making Policy Better

Capturing the Full Effects of Policy Interventions

How quality-inclusive metrics can help us better appraise potential policy outcomes...

6 mins
CG Science Unlocked

CG Mini-Lectures: Herd Immunity

Professor Sunetra Gupta of Oxford University talks 'herd immunity', highlighting critical details ab...

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7 mins
Expert Witness Video

Poor Outcomes Post-Lockdown – a GP Speaks Out

Lack of in-person consultations have negatively impacted the treatment of non-COVID conditions....

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CG Edition

Editor’s Note – Cancer Review Issue

Lockdown-related diagnosis and treatment delays will result in long-term harms for cancer patients....

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