Our Approach

Why Collateral Global

Utilizing the enduring principles of scientific inquiry, we aim to provide scholarship and research, building an evidence-based understanding of mitigation measures that is both accessible and actionable.

Our Vision, Mission, & Strategy

Our Vision: A world where pandemic policy responses maximise health and well-being for all.
Our Mission: Cultivating a better understanding of the impact of the COVID-19 responses.
Our Strategy: To collate, review, and analyse the evidence; to assess the impact of measures taken across the globe; to communicate with clarity, compassion and objectivity.


We are funded by donations from those who support our mission and vision. We are not dependent on any single funding source and maintain complete editorial and scientific independence from our contributors. Read more about how CG is funded here.

Our Contributors

Our contributors come from all over the world and represent a range of lived experiences, professions, and ideologies. Articles can be published anonymously where requested; CG keeps all contributors’ names on a confidential database. In case of anonymised publication, we will only release data to third parties where the contributor has consented.

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Our Values


The scientific method determines our approach. Theory has to answer to evidence while ensuring the conceptual framework, sources, and methods are declared and clear.


Care for people drives us. Disease, suffering, and death are part of the human condition, and we should all support each other to minimise harm. We are not interested in accusation and blame.


We have faith and belief in human ingenuity to find better solutions, grasp the nettle, and establish good outcomes grounded in reality.

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