We believe in the free flow of ideas and open access to information.

For this reason, we publish under a Creative Commons license and not only allow but encourage republishing of our content.

We only ask that, when doing so, you adhere to the following guidelines:

  • The reprint should include a link back to our home page or the article URL . We prefer the following notation: ‘This article was originally published by Collateral Global’ – with the word article linked to the source article’s URL and Collateral Global linked to our homepage
  • Please also credit authors and their institutions.
  • Any changes or edits to the original material, except those made to reflect changes in time, location and house style, should include a clear notation that the piece has been changed and what change has been made.
  • Photographic images included in our articles are not included in this permission. You’re responsible for obtaining permission to reprint photographs and are welcome to omit our images or replace with your own. Charts and graphs created by Collateral Global are not included in this limitation, but are subject to the same republishing guidelines as all other CG content.
  • Please let us know if you republish our content. We’re happy to hear it!
  • If you share a piece or an excerpt on social media, please mention us. Our social media handles are:
  • Translations: Please let us know if you post a translation. We’d be interesting in linking to it or including in it our archives.
  • Any articles specifically marked as ‘Unavailable for reprint’ should not be reprinted. Typically, these are articles that we have been granted permission to reprint and do not have the license to extend to others.
  • Collateral Global is not responsible for republished content found on other blogs, platforms, or websites and republication does not imply endorsement of the republishing individual or organization by Collateral Global.
  • Please do not sell our content.

Thank you for your interest in republishing our work!

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