Daily Life in Post-Pandemic Senegal

Episode 4 – The Hotel at Goudomp

Post Pandemic Senegal Series

In this 4th short film from the series Daily Life in Post-Pandemic Senegal, director Mamadou Ndiaye takes us to the tourist hotel of Goudomp. This used to be a thriving place with happy customers enjoying the relaxing breezes and beautiful scenery. Now in a state of ruin, the former restaurateur Denisia explains how the pandemic brought everything to a state of collapse.

Collateral Global has commissioned 6 short films from the Senegalese journalist and photographer Mamadou Ndiaye. These will look across the range of impacts of the political, economic and social responses to the Covid-19 pandemic in Senegal, a series called ‘Daily Life in Post-Pandemic Senegal’.

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