Daily Life in Post-Pandemic Senegal

Episode 2 – Goudomp’s Central Market

Post Pandemic Senegal Series

In this second of the 6 films on daily life in post-pandemic Senegal, journalist and photographer Mamadou Ndiaye takes us to the central market in Goudomp. Here we meet women market vendors who speak of the impact of price rises on the economic rises afflicting their families and the hunger in their households, that have followed the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Collateral Global has commissioned 6 short films from the Senegalese journalist and photographer Mamadou Ndiaye. These will look across the range of impacts of the political, economic and social responses to the Covid-19 pandemic in Senegal, a series called ‘Daily Life in Post-Pandemic Senegal’.

Episode 2 – Goudomp’s Central Market

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