Daily Life in Post-Pandemic Senegal

Episode 5 – The condition of educational institutions in Goudomp

Post Pandemic Senegal Series

In this, the fifth of the short films about daily life in post-pandemic Senegal, Mamadou Ndiaye examines the condition of schools in the small town of Goudomp. We see at first hand the poor condition of the buildings, and how this has deteriorated markedly in the years prior to the pandemic. This, combined with the lack of electricity, made the demands of remote education impossible to meet.

Collateral Global has commissioned 6 short films from the Senegalese journalist and photographer Mamadou Ndiaye. These will look across the range of impacts of the political, economic and social responses to the Covid-19 pandemic in Senegal, a series¬†called ‘Daily Life in Post-Pandemic Senegal’.

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