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Week Four Newsletter

Here’s what you will find in CG Special Editions: Cancer Review Issue

Welcome to CG Special Editions – Cancer Review Issue

At Collateral Global, our primary mission is to build an evidence-based understanding of COVID-19 mitigation measures through scholarship and research.

Today, CG releases our very first piece of original research, ‘Review of the Impact of COVID-19 First Wave Restrictions on Cancer Care’ by Professor Carl Heneghan, Jon Brassey, and Tom Jefferson. This rapid review of 69 studies analyzes the effects of COVID-19 restrictions on global cancer care in 2020.

In keeping with that theme, this week’s original content includes:

Our weekly CG original videos include an interview with Dr Irfan Malik, a UK GP, who discusses the impact of virtual consultations on healthcare outcomes, and a sobering conversation with Nick Stokes who, just months ago, lost his wife of 46 years to undiagnosed cancer.

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