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Week Five Newsletter

With guest editor, Jonathan Ketcham PhD, we explore direct and indirect effects of pandemic restrictions on different sectors of the economy using various quantitative and qualitative methods

The week’s theme is ‘The Economy’. CG welcomes guest editor Jonathan Ketcham PhD to help us examine both direct and indirect effects of pandemic restrictions on global economic stability. Using both quantitative metrics and qualitative expert analysis, we explore the human side of financial devastation, including impacts on mental and physical health and well-being, as well as exacerbated inequality and reduction in socioeconomic mobility.

Our content this week includes:

In addition to our themed articles, we also feature two timely additions, Let’s Not Squander the Summer by Dr Jennie Bristow as part of our ’21 June’ project, and a NEW Science Unlocked Mini-Lecture on Variants by Professor Sunetra Gupta.

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