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The Power of a Good Example: Nicaragua and the Covid Response

In this podcast, CG steering committee member Toby Green talks with John Perry, contributor to the London Review of Books, FAIR and other publications on Nicaraguan affairs.

Perry gives the perspective of the pandemic response in Nicaragua and Honduras, 2 neighboring countries in Central America. Honduras’s neoliberal government followed the dominant lockdown policy, with harsh policing, and closed schools for 2 years: this led to high levels of excess death, and contributed to the collapse of the Honduran government at the end of 2021.

In Nicaragua, by contrast, the Sandinista left-wing government did not follow a lockdown model for fear of the socioeconomic and educational impacts. Perry describes how this policy proved to be more effective, with lower excess deaths, and a much lower socioeconomic effect to poorer communities. This was also made possible by years of health investment by the Sandinista government, with over 20 state-of-the-art hospitals built in the previous decade which helped to see the country through the first Covid wave.

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