The Covid Consensus

In this podcast Lucy Johnston, Health Editor of the Sunday Express, interviews Professor Toby Green (CG steering group) about the new book he has co authored with Thomas Fazi, The Covid Consensus: The Global Assault on Democracy and the Poor — A Critique from the Left (The Covid Consensus | Hurst Publishers). Their discussion ranges widely, from the causes of the lockdown response and the functioning of the scientific establishment, to the impacts on the Global South and how Green came to write the book. In the final part they discuss the imperative of debate and discussion of what has happened as a key part of the healing process of the traumas of this pandemic.

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More about the Authors

Lucy Johnston

Lucy is an award-winning journalist and is currently health and social affairs editor at the Sunday Express. She started her career at the Big Issue and has worked at the Observer and the Express investigations team. She is known for her campaigns to improve healthcare provision to the elderly, children and those with mental health problems, as well as her ability to generate a regular stream of exclusive stories on medical and scientific breakthroughs. A Mind journalism award winner, she has also worked on, and been commended for, issues ranging from land rights in Tanzania to the ethics of animal / human transplants. Lucy regularly provides media advisory training for PR companies and the corporate world at large.

Personal website:

Toby Green

Toby Green, Professor of Precolonial and Lusophone African History and Culture at King’s College, London. Author, A Fistful of Shells and The Covid Consensus: The New Politics of Global Inequality (Hurst). Writes on impacts of Covid restrictions at African Arguments, Prospect, UnHerd, The Wire. Member of CG Scientific Advisory Board.

Twitter: @toby00green

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