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‘Inhumane and Barbaric’

Jane Smith, former NHS employee, talks frankly about her fight to see and care for her mum during the COVID-19 pandemic, and her own mental health struggles which have resulted from their forced separation.

Jane Smith was shut out from her mother’s care by a private care home under the pretext of COVID-19 safety.

She has vocally campaigned on Twitter for the rights of care home residents and families to see their loved ones and has been actively telling her story to the media in the hopes of raising awareness of this crisis within a crisis.

Jane Smith’s heartbreaking tweet showing her mum’s reaction to seeing her on video.

In this video, she shares the heart-wrenching story of how contact with her mum went from unlimited, three-hour daily visits to only 20 minutes, physically distanced, just once every two weeks.

Inhumane and barbaric. Those are the only words that come to mind.”