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2 Years On – In conversation, Professors Jay Bhattacharya and John Ioannidis

Watch this engaging conversation between two of the most eminent scientists, Professors Jay Bhattacharya and John Ioannidis as they look back on the past two years. 

 Their discussion includes the early seroprevalence studies, Infection Fatality Rates (IFR), precision shielding, the collateral damages caused by lockdowns, and how we can begin to rebuild faith in public health.

Essays & Articles

A fiasco in the making? As the coronavirus pandemic takes hold, we are making decisions without reliable data, Stat News March 2020, John Ioannidis.

Saving Democracy from the Pandemic, Tablet Magazine, John Ioannidis & Michaéla C. Schippers.

How the Pandemic is changing the Norms of Science, Tablet Magazine, John Ioannidis.

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