Covid Stories webapp

Collateral Global is excited to officially launch our Covid Stories webapp. The webapp is designed to allow you to tell the world how the global Covid responses, restrictions and mandates have impacted you personally.

Your story is then published and pinned on an interactive map so people around the world can read it. By adding your story, you are also contributing to a global dataset on the impacts of Covid policy responses.

The webapp is in its infancy, but we hope that in time hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of you will add your stories.

The webapp is accessible from any device, from any country and is free to use.

We encourage you to visit the webapp at www.collateralglobal.org/covid-stories, or simply by clicking the ‘Covid Stories’ button in our CG website homepage header. Once there, please add your story (or multiple stories).

We would also like to ask you to forward this link to your friends and family and ask them to also add their story.

If you have any issues with the webapp or feedback, we would like to hear from you via info@collateralglobal.org

Our webapp provides you a way to tell the world how you have been impacted over the past 3 years. Together, we can also build a clearer picture of the impacts of the Covid responses, restrictions and mandates.