Collateral Global Newsletter, May 2024

An update about our progress so far in 2024

We are excited to announce 3 new initiatives at Collateral Global.

This includes the successful launch of two Country Working Groups in Canada and the UK, which will focus on research, public engagement and policy.

Plans are now underway to launch additional groups, including in the USA and Germany, and a separate group focused on the World Health Organization.

We are also excited to announce a new partnership with the documentary film, Generation Covid, that aims to raise awareness about the harms of Covid school closures and their legacy on young people and the educational system.

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Canadian Working Group

In early 2024, we launched our first country working group, focused on Canada.

This followed analyses we published at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute in Ottawa which called for an independent and impartial public inquiry into the Canada Covid response.

No such inquiry has yet been launched or planned in Canada.

The WG consists of 23 academic leaders in their respective fields with diverse expertise.

Highlights of the group’s activities so far include:

  • Beginning the first global systematic review of cost-benefit studies of the Covid response, in preparation for our Canadian-specific evaluation.
  • Preparations for our first research symposium, which is planned at the University of Toronto for the fall of 2024.
  • Finalisation of the first study estimating the negative employment impacts from Covid-19 vaccine mandates in Canada.

Read more about the Canadian group, here.

United Kingdom Working Group

In April 2024, we launched our second country working group, focused on UK.

This followed our March 2024 open letter to the UK Covid Inquiry, which was signed by 55 UK academics and received front-page coverage in The Telegraph.

Highlights of the group so far include:

  • Launch of a quantitative analysis of the proceedings and biases of the UK Covid Inquiry, Module 1 & 2. 
  • Development of a project focused on misunderstandings and shortcomings of disease modelling during the pandemic.
  • Launch of a study on biases in the British Medical Journal’s coverage of Covid evaluations.

Read more about the UK group, here.

New documentary film – Generation Covid

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Generation Covid, a unique documentary film about the harms of Covid school closures on American children.

Covid policies had devastating impacts on American children: learning loss, crushing mental health challenges, record-high absenteeism, poverty, and lost opportunity.

Generation Covid is a documentary film that reveals the stark realities of post-covid America with a focus on the long-term harms done to children due to ineffective and prolonged school closures, lockdowns, and other restrictions that were needlessly imposed on their lives.

This partnership will ensure the final editing and production of Generation Covid and support an ambitious post-production marketing and dissemination plan. CG will host showings of the film and events across American college and university campuses to raise awareness about the harms of Covid school closures and their legacy on young people and the educational system. We will also provide scientific expertise in the final editing of the film, ensuring accuracy of the fats and data used to help tell the story.

If you would like to help with the completion of the film Generation Covid, please consider donating to CG by visiting our website (https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/collateralglobal) and/or reach out to us directly at: kevin@collateralglobal.org or jennifer@seyeverything.com

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