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Special Edition Newsletter – Missed Childhood Vaccinations

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CG Releases Second Piece of Original Research

Pre-pandemic, childhood vaccinations prevented two to three million annual deaths from infectious diseases. Due to vaccine delivery interruptions related to COVID-19 restrictions, 2020 saw the first global childhood vaccination reduction in 28 years.

Over 80 million children in 68 countries were affected, according to UNICEF.

In collaboration with Collateral Global, study authors Carl Heneghan, Tom Jefferson, and Jon Brassey of the University of Oxford reviewed 35 completed studies spanning 22 countries to determine the global scope and scale of missed childhood vaccinations and found:

  • 40 million children in Pakistan missed their polio vaccinations
  • 61% of 10 to 23-month-olds missed their measles vaccines in Ethiopia
  • a 20% MMR uptake reduction year-over-year in England

among other notable disruptions.

Why it matters:

Interrupting childhood vaccinations results in unnecessary disease and death in children, especially in low-income and developing countries.

Following a lapse in childhood vaccinations during an Ebola outbreak two years prior, measles cases in children in Guinea increased almost twenty-fold – from 2.7 per million in 2015 to 52.5 per million in 2017 – illustrating the devastating impact of childhood vaccination disruptions.

As, with our first review, the findings will be updated as more information becomes available.


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