The Impact of Covid Restrictions on Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Afro-descendant populations in Cartagena (Colombia) and the Covid-19 crisis – Airlin Perez Carrascal

Conference Hub

This conference is the first anywhere in the world to consider collectively the impacts of Covid suppression measures in Low- and Middle-Income Countries. The conference brings together scholars from the health and social sciences who have been working on questions regarding education, gender, socioeconomic impacts and political economies related to the Covid response. While there has been much focus on these questions in High Income Countries, there has yet to be a sustained and inter-regional discussion from Low- and Middle-Income Countries. This conference addresses this disparity.

Watch more from the conference here.

About the Speaker

Airlín Pérez Carrascal is a political activist and human rights advocate for black women and Afro-descendant communities in Colombia. She has 10 years of experience as a community-based organizer with expertise in black communities’ justice, social mobilization, and political incidence against racial segregation. She is a critical race researcher and scholar in the field of African Diaspora in the Caribbean Coast, Decolonization, and Black Women’s resistances, and has worked as professor at the Faculty of Social Science and Humanity at university Tecnológica de Bolivar in Cartagena.

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